What We Do

Our consulting services help detect the barriers that restrict improved relationships throughout the organization, especially between medical staff and administration. We work with all key stakeholders to decrease outmigration of medically-appropriate admissions and encourage community physicians to support their hometown hospital. Criner Consulting can assess weak links that hinder patient flow throughout the admission process and provide proven corrective solutions.

Our speaking services can be hand-tailored to your specific needs. Our presentations are dynamic, informative, motivational, and entertaining. We can speak in town hall formats or in more formal...

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Who We Are

Medical Consultant

Dr. Dale Criner, the founder of Criner Consulting, LLC, realized there was an exceptional gap between the goals of many hospital administrators and medical staff. As a staff physician, former member of the medical executive committee and emergency department director, Dr. Criner dealt daily with the challenges of ensuring great patient care while balancing the need to ensure support for the healthcare facility.

We believe medical staff and hospital administration alignment is not simply a wishful dream, but an absolute necessity especially...

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