Our consulting services help detect the barriers that restrict improved relationships throughout the organization, especially between medical staff and administration. We work with all key stakeholders to decrease outmigration of medically-appropriate admissions and encourage community physicians to support their hometown hospital. Criner Consulting can assess weak links that hinder patient flow through throughout the admission process and provide proven corrective solutions.

Breaking Barriers – Compelling Collaboration – Generating Growth

Our speaking services can be hand-tailored to your specific needs. Our presentations are dynamic, informative, motivational, and entertaining. We can speak in town hall formats or in more formal presentations for the medical staff or board of directors. If your needs require speaking in a community setting, we are always happy to address larger audiences. We understand the importance of a strong community presence from the hometown healthcare facilities, and we believe public engagements are a fantastic method of generating a positive opinion towards the hospital.

Our educational services also can be designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization. Many barriers to growth can be overcome with strong educational efforts. We can build educational programs that enable your message to be conveyed in enjoyable and interactive ways. We specialize in education that improves alignment between hospitals and medical staff.

Here is a small sample of the consulting services we offer

  • Improving communication and morale in a physician group practice
  • Helping a health plan roll out physician-developed "report cards"
  • Serving as advisor and medical liaison to a change initiative

Consulting services specializing in:

  • Hospital-Physician Relations
  • Improved Emergency Department - Hospitalist - Medical Staff Communications
  • Co-Mentoring Emergency Department Medical Directors
  • Improved Physician-Nursing Staff Relations
  • Improved Physician-Hospital Administration Relations
  • Facilitate Decrease in Outmigration of Inpatient Admissions
  • Improve Communication Between ED Physicians-Medical Staff-Administration
  • Improve Communication Between ED/Hospital Medical Staff and Nursing
  • Improve Relationships Between Medical Staff and Administration
  • Act as “Agent of Change” for Organization
  • Coaching/Advising/Consulting Resource for ED Medical Director
  • Resource for CMO/VPMA/Physician Advisor of Hospital
  • Speaking Services on a Multitude of Healthcare/Leadership/ED Operations Topics
  • Medical Review/Peer Review Services
  • Objective Expert Witness Testimony
  • Develop and Conduct Training Courses Specific to Company Needs
  • Locums Work with Assessment and Recommendations
  • Consult on the Distressed Physician and Help Guide Improvement Process
  • Above All: Breakdown Barriers-Compel Collaboration-Generate Growth!