Our speaking services can be hand-tailored to your specific needs. Our presentations are dynamic, informative, motivational, and entertaining. We can speak in town hall formats or in more formal presentations for the medical staff or board of directors. If your needs require speaking in a community setting, we are always happy to address larger audiences. We understand the importance of a strong community presence from the hometown healthcare facilities, and we believe public engagements are a fantastic method of generating a positive opinion towards the hospital.

Dynamic presentations often stir the soul and motivate individuals to embrace change. Our presentations are geared toward creating a renewal of the spirit of care. Many healthcare professionals have lost some of the fire and passion about patient care. Our goal is to re-ignite this passion.

Speaking engagements range from keynote addresses to seminar facilitation. As a fellow practicing physician, Dr. Criner understands the best methods of communicating important content to doctors in a manner that compels collaboration with hospital administration. Physician and administrators both want what is best for the patient, but sometimes there can be difficulty communicating between the two parties.

We create exciting and informative presentations geared towards the unique needs of each client. Examples include core measure, physician satisfaction, disruptive staff behavior, physician-hospital alignment, patient flow, and improving operational performance throughout the hospital.

Often interactions between nursing and physician staff are impaired simply due to poor communication. We create fun and interactive presentations that help hospital staff understand why doctors do the things they do! By better understanding why a physician is asking a certain question, nurses are better equipped to provide the needed data and create a better communication experience. This applies to physicians as well. Doctors who better understand the overwhelming responsibilities of nursing are also better equipped to communicate effectively.

Speaking is not limited to physicians and nursing staff. We are available for system-wide events and community educational lectures. We believe all stakeholders win with great presentations of relevant material. For example, many times we forget about the administrative staff. Presentations can help non-clinical personnel understand the actions of patient care and help educate and motivate at the same time. Many times non-clinical staff does not understand the importance to patient care their job duties truly offer. Speaking engagements which demonstrate how critical they are to the healthcare team can create renewed excitement and result in better patient care and greater revenue.


Here is a small sample of the speaking services we offer

  • Improving communication and morale in a physician group practice
  • Helping a health plan roll out physician-developed "report cards"
  • Advising a healthcare IT start up on product direction
  • Serving as advisor and medical liaison to a change initiative