Professional References for Criner Consulting

Maleia M. Lee, CMSR – - former colleague

“Dr. Criner is a physician leader with a passion for nurturing a culture which ensures positive clinical outcomes for patients while promoting growth for the organization.   His ability to see an organization's true potential, through detailed monitoring of evidence-based results, is an extremely valuable asset in today's competitive healthcare industry.”

Jimmy R. Noonan, MD, FACP – Medical Director and Physician Advisor for Quality and Utilization – 225-bed licensed Regional Medical Center in Tennessee

“At our hospital I have always had an intimate relationship with the emergency department and the emergency physicians. Over a period of 41 years I have worked with many, many ED docs and have observed all types, good, bad, and otherwise. It has been my pleasure to work with Dr. Dale Criner during the past 2+ years. Without hesitation I am happy to declare loudly that, since 1968, there has never been an emergency department physician team at our hospital as efficient as the one recruited by, organized by, trained by, and directed by Dr. Criner. I came to respect greatly his knowledge, judgment, and leadership abilities. He tries to do the right thing for both the patient and the hospital. He backs up what he says/does with evidence based information and good logical judgment dialog. I was unhappy when he resigned as director to pursue new opportunities. I would welcome him back in any capacity in the blink of an eye. He is ready and willing to work out problems for the benefit of all.”

Donna Buss, Pharm. D. – Director of Pharmacy, 225-licensed bed regional medical center in Tennessee

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Criner for over two years while he was at our Regional Medical Center as Medical Director of the Emergency Department. I have been at this hospital for over eight years and he was by far the best physician we have had in that area. His medical knowledge and professional attitude allowed our hospital to gain respect from the community that had been lost for MANY years. Patients realized how wonderful the care was at our ER, and began trusting us for their emergency healthcare instead of driving to other hospitals. Our admission rate from the ER rose dramatically due to this. Dr. Criner also worked with staff to improve compliance with policies and procedures, as well as improved our core measures results. He was a strong leader in the ER and worked to maintain excellent patient care and patient safety. The transformation I saw in the ER under his leadership was amazing in such a short period of time. He was a great asset to this facility and I would love the opportunity to work with him again!”