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Dr. Dale Criner, the founder of Criner Consulting, LLC, realized there was an exceptional gap between the goals of many hospital administrators and medical staff. As a staff physician, former member of the medical executive committee and emergency department director, Dr. Criner dealt daily with the challenges of ensuring great patient care while balancing the need to ensure support for the healthcare facility.

We believe medical staff and hospital administration alignment is not simply a wishful dream, but an absolute necessity especially in these challenging economic times. We facilitate this alignment and generate growth for the facility while keeping the patient‘s needs first. We offer consultation arrangements, speaking engagements, and educational services that enable organizations to maximize collaborative efforts to propel them to a higher level of success.

Breaking Barriers – Compelling Collaboration – Generating Growth

Healthcare communication

Helping create healthcare synergy

Criner Consulting, LLC was formed in May of 2009 by Dr. Dale Criner to assist with bridging the gap in communication that exists in many organizations between groups that have the same goals in mind, but differ on the methods used to reach those goals. The company specializes in the healthcare sector, and will place an emphasis on hospital medical staff: physician - nursing - administration relationships.

As the healthcare environment evolves, many of the key stakeholders today are feeling more and more frustrated with their positions. Many healthcare providers have even gone so far as to leave their profession altogether, and create even more strain on an industry that is struggling to find compassionate and competent healthcare professionals.

Dr. Criner believes that when all of these parties collaborate together the end result produces a synergistic effect that greatly improves patient care, and generates growth for the organization. The company will provide consulting services in a multitude of areas that affect patient care, organizational relationships, and physician leadership development to name a few. The initial emphasis will be on helping small to medium-sized hospitals learn ways to decrease outmigration of patients to other facilities, while increasing medically-appropriate admissions.

Criner Consulting, LLC will also help the hospital develop the necessary services to provide excellent patient care in an environment that provides jobs satisfaction for the physician, nursing, and administrative staff.